Equipment Programs

Fuel Delivery Options: Versatility is the key

Bell Fuels owns and operates a large truck terminal centrally located in the Chicago market that is adjacent to major expressways and fuel terminals. Bell Fuels is one of the largest wholesale fuel distributors in the Midwest. Bell Fuels has an excellent communication link with its staff (available to deliver fuel 24/7/365). Bell Fuels has consistent supply of product at all times. We also have storage capacities of over 1.5 million gallons of diesel fuel.

Bell Fuels Truck Fleet

All petroleum distribution companies deliver their gasoline and diesel fuel products via truck transportation. Petroleum trucks are categorized by two basic sizes: transport and tank wagon. The word transport and tank wagon describe the general capacity of the size of the “tanker” that the truck is hauling.

Some petroleum distribution truck fleets rely heavily on transport tankers, while other petroleum companies mostly maintain tank wagon-sized tankers.

Bell Fuels owns and operates a delivery fleet that maintains both transport and tank wagon trucks. It is Bell’s belief that versatility of delivery is a key component to successfully serving our customers’ wide variety of needs.

• Transport Deliveries: Typical capacity 8,000 gallons. Diesel fuel is by volume heavier than gasoline, so transport loads of diesel are 7,000 gallons or less. Gasoline deliveries can be maximized at full load, i.e. 8,000 gallons.

• Tank Wagon Deliveries: Any delivery from 100 to 4,000 gallons.

On-Site Fueling

If equipment and driver time are at a Premium for your company, consider Bell’s on-site fueling service. Our service comes to your location anytime, day or night, pumping fuel directly into the customer’s diesel vehicles.

Bell Fuels is licensed through the Office of the State Fire Marshall as a mobile fueling contractor. Bell drivers are trained in all aspects of providing a mobile fueling service for your fleet of trucks and/or your off-road construction equipment.

Why on-site fueling?

• A company driver is paid to drive, not fuel his vehicle – saves driver’s time.

• Weekly fueling report emailed or faxed.

• Accountability by date of delivery, by vehicle and by gallons delivered.

• Daily and weekly pricing.

• Reduces environmental liability concerns regarding above/below ground tank storage.

• Bell’s B11 BioSmart® BioDiesel is available by request.

• Premium D-2 “trouble-free” diesel fuel.

• Availability: Your schedule becomes our schedule.

Marine Fueling

Bell Fuels is privileged to supply the majority of the diesel fuel for the touring vessels docked at Chicago’s Navy Pier.

Marine fueling requires the utmost care and precaution to be taken during a fuel delivery in order to protect Chicago’s prestigious lakefront.

We recognize that fueling vessels on a waterway is a specialty niche in the petroleum business, but it is a service of long standing in our company and it represents the versatility of Bell’s operations and delivery capabilities.