Fuel Options

Fuel Options

Gasoline – All Grades

Gasoline, originally spelled “gasolene” was first coined as a word in 1865. It was initially used to describe any liquid offered for sale and used as a fuel to power an internal combustion engine. Gasoline is a volatile, flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixture blended from several product of natural gas liquids and crude oil/petroleum. Hydrocarbon molecules have different lengths, properties, and chemical reactions. The hydrocarbon chain, octane (having eight carbons) prevents the engine compression ratio from premature ignition (knocking). When gasoline ignites by compression rather than from the spark from a spark plug, it will cause “knocking” in the engine.

Bell Fuels provides the following grades of gasoline:

  • Regular Unleaded Gasoline: Posted Octane Rating (R+M)/2 of 87
  • Midgrade Unleaded Gasoline: Posted Octane Rating (R+M)/2 of 89
  • Premium Unleaded Gasoline: Posted Octane Rating (R+M)/2 of 92
  • Premium Unleaded Gasoline: Posted Octane Rating (R+M)/2 of 93





Bell Premium D-2 ® Diesel Fuel

Bell Premium D-2 ® Fuel is engineered to heighten fuel performance in all diesel fuels. This proprietary product is a “finished” diesel fuel and it is the most comprehensive way for a customer to control the quality of their fuel year-round. One Product, One Fuel… Year-Round. Bell Premium D-2 ® comprehensive package contains the following;

Cetane Improver: Providing faster cold weather starting and more complete combustion.

CFPP: Cold Filter Plugging Point: Defined as the temperature under a standard set of test conditions at which the filter plugs. Bell Premium D-2 ® provides cold weather operability 20 degrees below the cloud point (the point at which wax crystals first appear).

Detergent: Low emission engines operate with higher injector pressure and when deposits accumulate in the fuel injector, the spray of the fuel into the combustion chamber is not uniform. This can cause poor combustion, increased exhaust emissions, smoke, degraded fuel economy and loss of power. Bell Premium D-2 ® keeps your fuel injector clean and deposit free.

Lubricity Improver: The natural lubricating properties of sulfur were lost with strict EPA standards for low and ultra-low sulfur fuel. Bell Premium D-2 ® boosts lubricity to help extend the life of your engine components beyond that of other “Premium” diesel fuels.

De-Icer Agent: This added protection ensures that engines will operate during extremely cold temperatures. The vast majority of diesel equipment having cold weather problems, experience filter icing that shuts down the unit.

Corrosion Inhibitor: Provides a high-grade inhibitor to protect fuel storage tanks and vehicle tanks against the corrosive action of distillates.

Fuel Stabilizer: Bell Premium D-2 ® provides fuel stability in excess of 24 months.





Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel. Why Ultra Low?

In an effort to provide environmental and health benefits by reducing the level of emissions from diesel exhaust filters for on-road engines manufactured in 2007 and newer and for off-road 2010 and newer. ULSD was transitioned so that diesel fuel would be compatible with the new clean diesel technology.

Bell Premium D-2 ®’s comprehensive package provides high lubricity protection without the sulfur content.

ULSD and Lubricity

Sulfur is a natural lubricant in diesel fuel. Lubricity is a measure of the fuel’s ability to lubricate various parts of the engine and its fuel injection system. With the desulfurization of diesel fuel, many concerns regarding lubricity have been raised.
Bell Fuels’ comprehensive Premium D-2 ® package provides high lubricity protection without the sulfur content. Our Premium D-2 ® additive is the verifiable answer.





Bell Fuels’ BioSmart ® BioDiesel

Bell Fuels worked with fuel engineers, biodiesel manufacturers, and the National BioDiesel Board, in order to develop our own level of expertise. This careful and sophisticated approach regarding bio-blending and distribution techniques enabled us to develop BioSmart ® BioDiesel. By adding our proprietary Bell Premium D-2 ® Diesel to biodiesel blends, we have developed a finished product that is superior to any other biodiesel blend on the market.

Benefits of Using Bell Fuels’ BioSmart ® Biodiesel Fuel 

  • Sales Tax Exempt
  • Emissions and Greenhouse Gas Reductions
  • Energy Balance and Security
  • Engine Performance


BioDiesel Blends and Their Percentages

B100 can be blended with petroleum diesel fuel at any percentage starting with B1 to B99. However, the most popular blends nationwide are ratios ranging from B2 to B20. Bell Fuels offers the following blends: 2% – B2, 5% – B5, 11% – B11, 20% — B20





Super K-1 Kerosene

Bell Super K-1 Highly Refined Kerosene In the refining process of crude oil, petroleum is refined to break apart the complex mixture of hydrocarbons into various categories, or to separate or fraction the hydrocarbons through distillation. This separation, i.e. fraction, is reached through each hydrocarbon’s boiling point. Kerosene is grouped toward the higher end distillates.

About Bell Super K-1

  • Super High Quality: Certified to meet or exceed ASTM 1K specification D3699.
  • Low in Sulfur and Aromatics: Sulfur is a non-metallic compound impurity found in crude oil. Aromatics, such as benzene, are also in crude oil. As an impurity, both sulfur and aromatics are undesirable when burned as kerosene. Super K-1 burns virtually smoke and odor free.
  • Ignition/Combustibility: Provides fast burner starts and complete combustibility.
  • Applications: Refined to burn in combustion engines in an enclosed space, i.e. unvented space heaters, power washers or any non-flue connected burner. It is also recommended for wick-fed illuminating lamps.





E-85 Alternative Fuel

E-85 is a blend of 85% denatured ethanol and 15% unleaded gasoline. As a blending agent, E-85 is a renewable, clean-burning, high octane fuel that is designated as an alternative fuel according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Benefits of using E-85

  • High Octane Fuel: 105 to 110 Octane
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Does Not Contaminate Water Supplies
  • Domestically Produced
  • Renewable Fuel Source
  • Supports The American Economy
  • Promoted Energy Independence
  • The State Of Illinois Doesn’t Charge Sales Tax On E-85





DEF – A Solution For Your Needs

As part of our full-service solution, you can add Diesel Exhaust Fluid to your next Bell Fuels diesel purchase. Available via “Wet Hosing”, packaged gallon containers in totes or a full skid and in 55-gallon drums.